Our services include consulting and education for motor, cognitive and cardiological rehabilitation, neurofeedback, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and kinesiology.

We create tailor made rehabilitation programs in partnership with patient and his caregivers.

Our partner facilities are located in Zagreb, Vires Refotae, Collum Fitness and SportLab at ThalassoTherapy Opatija


We have several years of experience as medical partners of many athletes and trainers in the field of archery, basketball, shooting, golf, football, tennis, karate and boxing.

Our services include neurokinetic approach to sport performance for athletes at our facilities.


We follow our athletes and enable them to have their individual neurofeedback sessions based on their own peak performance profiles.

We are proud to have the brainwave profiles of olympic, world and european champions in archery, shooting, karate, boxing, NBA players, MMA fighters,and golfers.

We also create apps that reward states of mind specific to elite athletes in an entertaining way for everyone willing to boost their mental performances. We are launching the world's first dedicated sport neurofeedback software, Hit the gold.