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    Hit the Gold

    Boost your performance with the world’s first dedicated archery neurofeedback program


Hit the Gold is developed to help archers reach their optimal state of mind.

It allows you to practice, improve, record and analyse your mental performance in archery from the comfort of your home or anywhere you desire. Tested and approved by world's top archers.

Neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) holds potential for retraining brainwave activity to enhance optimal performance in athletes. Teamed up with world known archers Domagoj Buden and Mario Vavro, we recorded huge amount of brainwave data during practice and competition via Neurosky’s wireless eeg sensor and Brainalyser, our real time video/EEG recorder and player. We found specific brainwave patterns in elite vs amater or beginner archers. These patterns are rewarded in Hit the Gold via a dedicated algorithm.

Hit the gold provides entertaining exercises with real-time visual animated feedback to the subject about his or her brainwave activity, in which optimal mental states are rewarded. The user can train his brain from the comfort of his home or anywhere he/she desires.